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Bathing is a pleasant, relaxing experience that can be enjoyed by us all.

Why an Appollo Walk In Bath?

There are times when getting in and out of a bath can be difficult without help. At Appollo we think that everyone should be able to enjoy a soak in the bath without worry. We have been designing and manufacturing products to assist bathers for over 20 years. Our Appollo baths are designed to suit people who have difficulty using a standard bath. They are designed for those living in their own homes with or without the need of assistance, to those in nursing and residential homes and hospitals. We make acrylic baths to suit all applications.

Making the right decision

Whether you are looking for assisted bathing products for yourself, a care home or hospital our range caters for all environments.

Making the right decision of course is important so please check out our product portfolio pages which will help you. Do however contact us directly if you still have questions unanswered.

Welcome to Appollo

Welcome to Appollo

Appollo is a range of assisted bathing products from Astracast who have been manufacturing acrylic baths for over 20 years. Astracast manufacture and market the Appollo range of walk in and spa baths specifically designed for those who need a little extra help with bathing. A bathroom is full of slippy surfaces so they design products which require less effort and provide a safer environment. Astracast also manufacture the Airbath range of hydrotherapy baths plus a number of shower trays and bath panels for distribution through out Europe.

Made in Britain

Appollo are part of the Astracast Bathing Division., a UK manufacturer of acrylic baths based in Bradford. They are one of the few remaining acrylic bath manufacturers in the UK and the largest making over 150,000 acrylic baths every year in their 180,000 sq ft of facilities.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Appollo products are made using sanitary grade cast acrylic, heat moulded to give great results. We have years of experience in manufacturing acrylic baths and are so confident in the quality of product we produce we offer a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defect.

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